Can a good lubricant prolong the life of a car?

2021/9/25 17:03:59

Can a good lubricant prolong the life of a car? The answer is obvious. Why?

First of all, good lubricating oil has anti-wear function and can protect the engine. Prolonging the service life of the engine is equal to prolonging the service life of the car.

Secondly, good lubricating oil has the function of preventing high temperature, which can prevent automobile spontaneous combustion, problems in automobile operation when the temperature is too high, redness and heating inside the engine, and prevent automobile wear from aggravating.

Third, good lubricating oil can start smoothly in winter or summer. If the engine cannot be started smoothly in winter, it will have a serious impact on the engine.

Fourth, when driving at a slow speed, if good lubricating oil is not added, the engine oil may not burn fully, resulting in excessive waste of gasoline. Insufficient gasoline combustion will have a certain impact on the engine and shorten the service life of the vehicle.





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